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Friday, February 18, 2011


13! OMG...I can hardly believe that my first born, my baby is a teenager. Adam you are such an amazing young man. Looking so handsome and grown up.
Some of the things I will always remember about you: How your soother went with you blanket. How you love soft things. Your school bus was one of your favorite toys. The way you used to line up all your toy cars in a row. Baking cookies with you and having you stand on a chair when you where so little and now we stand side by side. Mostly I just watch as you cook and bake on your own now. I loved watching you learn to read. Use your imagination and play with your little brother. You still do all these's just different now. It's watching you play guitar. Draw with detail and more character. Play video games with your brother.
You value your own space. Take pride in the things you own. Love your puppies so much. The way you love your family and open your heart to others. Bring laughter and smiles to our lives. You are constantly surprising us and yourself. I hope you always feel free to be yourself. Stand strong for what you believe in. Dream bigger than you could have imagined. Do what makes you happy and know we are always here for you.
To guide, to support, to cheer on!
I just want to thank Pam Dykstra for capturing this moment for me.
Because it really wasn't about Adam. It was more about me. I remember the 1st pictures we had done at Sears. Sitting back and watching Adam from afar. Not really having a chance to look at this beautiful kid. As the pictures were being taking of my 1 month old boy and popping up on the screen to view. I really got to see Adam in a different way. That was my boy...OUR SON.
Pam, you recaptured that moment again. I got to stand back and not be in control...I got to enjoy the moment. Really look at this child of mine and see the changes and how this is my boy...our son. He's just older and bigger, but all ours. Born into our lives with so much love. I was definately not perpared for that kind of love...who new a heart could be so big.
For my Adam...I love you. We love you! You are one on a kind and all ours forever.
Thank you for YOU!