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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not in the truest of Canadian spirit for hockey

Dear Rioters, Bandwagon jumpers and non-true fans of our beloved Vancouver Canucks...what a discusting seen and complete embarrasment for British Columbia. As Canadians we are a proud country and much MUCH more than this.

Something you should have kept in mind before you started to trash our beautiful city, is that...YOU are not on the team. YOU did not play your butt off or pour your heart and soul into the love of this game and this moment of playing for THEE Stanley Cup. YOU did not feel the pressure from the fans and the hope of winning and the dream of coming this far! So maybe YOU should have been the bigger guys and continued to support our team and represt our country the way The Canucks did, with true passion and love of the game. Proud Stanley Cup Finalists and second best in the NHL.