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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A day for love

Valentine's Day for us isn't about a night out for dinner,
a date at the movies or all that other stuff.
Valentime's Day is about Love.
Our love created a family.
So the table was set for 4 with candles, chocolate treats, and cinnimon hearts. Aaaaaawe how romantic, right? Then the door bell rings and dinner is delivered. The boys are called and peel themselves from there pleasures of TV or computer to join us.
"Happy Valentine's Day!"...
We ate a delicious meal. Something special for everyone. Jay even went out and surprised us with one of my favorite desserts. Mmmmm....DQ ice cream cake!
The best part of the evening was watching some of our home videos. The kids so small, only 6 and 4 years old. Listening to the way there voices sounded. Adam reading his kindergarten book. Justin being a complete goof. Seeing the boys excited about bringing there 1st puppy (Brady) home. Our boys loving each other and playing together.
Here we sat so many years later, the 4 of us AND the 2 dogs snuggled up on the couch, enjoying the old memories while making a new one.
Oh my gosh...we laughed till we cried.
Our Valentine's Day may not have been as romantic as some,
but it was DEFINATELY filled with LOVE!