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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Martian Children

A movie inspired me and opened my eyes to something so simple

and I had an "A HAAA!" moment.

The movie: Martian Child

The Quote: "Children are like martians and it's our job as parents to teach them to be descent human beings".

How true!

I have tried so hard to be a successful parent. Reading to my boys while they still grew in my belly. I got down with them on the floor to play, tea parties, forts, playdoh, coloring, shapes, numbers, letters, drawing....walks, playgrounds, and baking.

I watched there imaginations sore.

Falling so in love with my boys more every moment, every day, every year.
Even through the struggles, the arguments, and the changes. At the end of the day there was snuggles and love. There is LOVE.

What a blessing our kids can be. This short time we have with them. Although some days seem longer than others. I know that in a few short years when my house is empty and there are no kids shows on TV, no stomping up the stairs, no loud music, no cooking in the kitchen dance parties, and I have all the peace I wish I had now....I know I will wish to have all those moments back again.

So for now I will take the arguments and the challenges.

The hugs and kisses.

The moments that shine.

The laughter and the silliness.

Each I love you...

and I will hold onto that as long as I can.

Also, I will be proud of the job I have done raising my boys to be wonderful human beings and look forward to building on the relationship right now, cause it doesn't end, it continues.

My boys, how I love you so. You have stolen my heart and made me who I am. You fill my life with so much love.

To our journeys and the adventures to come!