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I am a dreamer! I am a wife to my amazing husband who always shines for me. I am a mom, which is full of teachable moments, challenges, and great endevours. I am a great friend. I am ME! A human full of love...always looking for inspiration and joy in the small things and the things that surprise me most. I am to be a great many things...writer, photographer and whatever my heart desires.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Over Drinks and Skittles

As I sat at my kitchen table last night, with my ladies. I realized something....I AM TOTALLY NORMAL! This realization comes to me more often than not. It's strange though how we so often think that we go through our little struggles and say, "Am I the only one who feels like this"? I think as women, wives and mother's we all to often feel this way. Then you hang with your faithful supporters, your comrads, your sounding board and hash out the details of your lives over a couple of drinks and a bag of skittles. You plan for the future, set goals for the near future, and laugh about the events in your life, that in the moment you thought you might just go postal and snipe out someone. Then you relize in that moment all is right with the world and you are doing a good job and mostly YOU are never alone.

Thank you D and T for helping me see all the great things in my life. For laughing the insanity of everyday life away and for being great friends. We definately have to do this again soon, but this time I'm bringing M&M's and Hersey Kisses!