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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Fort Adventure

Here we are at a Fort in our area. It was a beautiful sunny day and Justin decided on a whim that he needed to show us around. So we packed a picnic lunch, as we often do, and hopped in the car and were off for an old time adventure. The Fort was amazing. There is still one of the oldest building there from the original Fort in it's authentic white wash. The boys ofcourse had an agenda...The Black Smith's Shop. They wanted to make a "J" hook. So we went over and learned about making nails...LOL! More to come on that later...da da daaaa!
So we panned for gold. Checked out some of the way the explores would have lived. Went to a Wedding (play) and learned how the Natives married the soldiers and why. We learned that women are the reason The Hudson Bay Company started and that without us the fort and it's men would have never survived. The boys barrel races, and carried bails. We checked out the Big House and then back to the Black Smith were, YES! The boy actually got to make there very own "J" hook. With a little help from the Smithess...and for a trade of fruit snacks they got to keep it and bring it home. What could be any better!
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