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I am a dreamer! I am a wife to my amazing husband who always shines for me. I am a mom, which is full of teachable moments, challenges, and great endevours. I am a great friend. I am ME! A human full of love...always looking for inspiration and joy in the small things and the things that surprise me most. I am to be a great many things...writer, photographer and whatever my heart desires.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011

Well, it's a new year and I have desided to change the way I use my blog. I put this blog up to inspire me and really...I think it did, but it also detered me a little. I think I put pressure on myself to take photo's and post them. This year this blog is for ME! It is simply a way for me to express how I feel about everything. Life, Family, Friends and my Passions.
I have a lot of things I am doing this year. I have decided to celebrate who I am. I have had a fabulous life that has given me many ups and a few downs. I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom and still continue to do that and work. I want for nothing. I am always aspiring to be a better person. This year though I need to be more confident, take charge of the thing I want. This is MY life and I want to live it!
In 2011...I will make time for my friends, spend more time with Denise, STOP EVERYTHING! Relax, Learn, Read...Meditate, Journal. Be inspired by life and take the world by the cahonies!
Really embrace the moments when Life Whisper's. What will you do with the moments when Life Whisper's to you????