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I am a dreamer! I am a wife to my amazing husband who always shines for me. I am a mom, which is full of teachable moments, challenges, and great endevours. I am a great friend. I am ME! A human full of love...always looking for inspiration and joy in the small things and the things that surprise me most. I am to be a great many things...writer, photographer and whatever my heart desires.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bridal Shower

This was such a fun day for me. I was lucky enough to be invited to this beautiful Bridal Shower. It was so fun being a fly on the wall. Being creative and taking those shots that captured the moment so perfectly. It was lovely to see the bride with her sister and there mom...what a connection. They had fun laughing and teasing each other. It was a beautiful sight to see.

The food was fabulous, the crowd made me laugh, and to be a small part of this lovely gift from one sister to another...a blessing.
Thank you for the oppurnity. I hope our paths cross again someday soon :o)
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