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I am a dreamer! I am a wife to my amazing husband who always shines for me. I am a mom, which is full of teachable moments, challenges, and great endevours. I am a great friend. I am ME! A human full of love...always looking for inspiration and joy in the small things and the things that surprise me most. I am to be a great many things...writer, photographer and whatever my heart desires.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring

We rang in the spring with my youngest sons 10th Birthday.
It's been such a lovely weekend. I really enjoy the nice weather, especially in our neighborhood. Our little community is so unique. We are in close quarters here and on lovely days the kids come out and the parents come out and we visit and plan summer adventures. It's great to just pull up a chair and see the kids riding bikes and skate boarding...or a little game of street hockey...or even a 1 on 1 Bball game. Listening to the kids cheering on each other or making rules as the go...these are the things the sunshine brings...Happy Spring!