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I am a dreamer! I am a wife to my amazing husband who always shines for me. I am a mom, which is full of teachable moments, challenges, and great endevours. I am a great friend. I am ME! A human full of love...always looking for inspiration and joy in the small things and the things that surprise me most. I am to be a great many things...writer, photographer and whatever my heart desires.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Dogs...

Our Little dogs have ever been so loved. The brown weinie is Daisy. Adam loves her because of her big eye balls. If you could hear it in the voice he says it in, you would roll your eyes and laugh, because it is simply adorable. The mop headed one is Brady. He's our #1 dog... mostly cause he's our 1st dog. Adam loves Brady, because he has a little purple nose. (imagine the same voice and just as cute:) These are the dogs my boys love...well Adam loves them the most. He misses them when we go on holidays and leave them behind. He says good morning to them like the first day we brought them home. A dog or 2 dogs could never be loved more!Posted by Picasa